Sodium DNA, is a new, biologically active, functional ingredient with high regeneration properties.

It is a strong stimulator of cell repair and regenerator of aged tissues
, It is a strong stimulator of cell repair and regenerator of aged tissues. The effect is confirmed by several clinical tests, according to which Sodium DNA fragments pass through the cell membranes (pinocytosis), so that their action is internal to the skin cells and not simply superficial.
In vitro tests proved that Sodium DNA has a strong cell regenerating activity and stimulates new cells proliferation. Photo-toxicity showed that DNA does not have cito-toxic effects and carries out a protective action on the damages induced by UVA rays.

strengthening the structure of the epidermis, recompacts the skin giving back its brightness and elasticity;
encourages cell turnover;
removes the free radicals effect;
prevent and repair wrinkles formation and damages provoked by aging.

The results showing an improvement in skin vitality and regeneration and a statistically significant reduction of maximum wrinkled-ness value, Sodium DNA help the skin to appear smoother and more youthful.

The effects on the skin have been tested by various clinical tests that ensure the effectiveness, the complete skin compatibility and the absolute safety of use.
In Vivo test on healthy volunteers demonstrate the decrease of the wrinkles, as shown in the pictures below:


After 8 weeks

The results obtained by the instrumental analysis made after 8 weeks treatment revealed:
• an increase in the average of skin moisturizing basal values, +5%
• a strong reduction of wrinkles, -4%;
• a major increase in skin elasticity, equal to 25,6%;
• increase in skin thickness equal to 8,7%.

The DNA mentioned in the text as nothing to do with Genetics! Is deoxyribonucleated of sodium from BIOTHECNOLOGIES, eco-sustainable resource produced from male sturgeon gonads, generally waste material of fish breedings.