A new patented cosmetic emulsifiers and surfactants:

Our new molecules are the Kallèis brand core: the Greek legend and the archeo-cosmetic recovery tell us that women allowed olive oil to become out-dated in barrel and then used the resulting mush for soothing, protecting the skin and deleting signs of aging. Probably olive oil disaggregated in vegetal small molecules with different properties, Kallèis laboratories idea has been to recreate the molecules in a modern way.

The molecules are obtained from the condensation of pure olive oil with precious vegetal proteins, through an environment friendly process, a new combination of hi-tech ingredients formulated to work as active ingredients. The molecules have maximum skin-compatibility and very high biodegradability (99%), they are 100% vegetal and PEG-free (devoid of ethoxylates compounds).

They assure unique properties, scientifically proven:
• preservation of moisture barrier;
• natural hydration and nourishing;
• maximum absorption and tone;
• antioxidant and antiradical activity.

Natural and functional emulsifiers and surfactants are all based on natural vegetal lipoproteins, so they lead the ingredients deeply in the skin and intensify the efficacy. The lipoproteic vegetal base OLIVOIL is original, innovative and different: the texture is homogenous and fine, soft but never greasy. The “skin-feeling” gives an immediate pleasantness and the “after-feeling” senses absolute skin melting.

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