Depigmenting and lightening Natural Complex

Daily depigmenting active complex, whitening and anti dark effects, renders the pigmentation homogenous. It is a cosmetic preparation based on natural ingredients, without any aggressive or dangerous chemical elements.
This complex acts biologically thanks to its active ingredients, all vegetal products without any health hazardous aggressive chemicals, that selectively block tyrosinase, with active physiological and biochemical effects.
Depigmenting complex, whitening and anti dark effects, renders the pigmentation homogenous. Moreover, of remarkable importance, the preventing action of this complex in protecting the skin from the emergency of dark spot or marked.
These active ingredients work in synergy for a safe complex that could be considered a real DERMOCOSMETIC.
The biosynthesis of MELANIN starts with the enzymatic oxidation of tyrosine caused by the enzyme tyrosinase. This enzyme is selectively blocked during its oxidative action of the tyrosine, the production of melanin is biologically avoided and consequently darks spots and/or diffused hyperpigmentation are avoided.

Selective block of melanin synthesis

ALPHA ARBUTIN: depigments and prevents discolouration

Extracted from the leaves of Arcostraphylos uva-ursi, commonly known as bearberry, today alpha- glucosidase is the most valid depigmentation agent known. It selectively blocks tyrosinase, thereby inhibiting the production of melanin. Its preventive action then guarantees counteraction against skin discoloration.

LICORICE ROOT EXTRACT: brightening and soothing
Glycyrrhizin is extracted from Licorice root (Glycirrhiza glabra), rich in triterpenic saponins, which grant the skin a radiant colour and carry out a natural lightening action. Glycyrrhizin is also soothing and rebalancing.

COGIC ACID: innovative and effective
Aspergillus Oryzae extract produced during the fermentation of sakè, has long been an active ingredient used in Japan but has now found more innovative applications as a whitening agent through the inhibition of tyrosinase by chelation of copper ions present on the enzyme level.

AZELAIC ACID: smoothing and lightening
A natural active ingredient extracted from a yeast (Pityosporum Ovalis), this substance interferes with tyrosinase by inhibiting the production of melanin, combined with an anti-bacterial and smoothing action.

1. Gradual depigmentation that is both targeted and effective;
2. Selected and totally natural active ingredients;
3. Brightening and smoothing action: gives a uniform and radiant complexion;
4. Refi ned and pleasant texture that guarantees deep and longlasting moisturising;
5. No irritating or dangerous chemical ingredients;