Dr. Emanuela Lenzi Veggetti
Graduate in Biological Science and Pharmacy, specialist in Science and Cosmetologic Techniques at the School of Cosmetology of the University of Milan.

Why do you like Kallèis?

It's natural, but always with an edge: the science applied with conscience. Today nature is a business but the naturalness is an old lifestyle that is proving increasingly valuable: the ancient wisdom that combines physical hygiene with mental health, the daily good habits with love for ourselves.

Innovative and technologically advanced, active principles, present in high percentage, vegetal extracts and vitamin are formulated in ultra rich creams, which are concentrated for safe and efficient solutions.
A perfect example of the well-­advanced active principles, researched for every types and needs of different skins with a particular attention for the integrity of dermis, is the functional emulsifier all based on natural vegetal lipoproteins, obtained from a condensation of pure olive oil and wheat protein. Classified as International Patent, it is at the bottom of the line Kallèis.

Kallèis finally gives us a not chemical active base, perfect to make fine and smooth creams, pleasant to apply. It also produces creams and cleansers with excellent skin tolerance and low index of dermis irritation (suitable for sensitive, irritated skins, etc.).
A base that is at the same time a functional active princple which maintains the hydrolipid film of the skin in perfect condition, which gives us the infinite benefits of "our" Olive Oil and Wheat Protein (hydration and nourishment).

Thanks to his dermo compatibility, conveys in a deeper way the active principles in creams, ensuring more efficacy and results. This base is completely without compounds derived by ethylene oxide, notoriously aggressive and with low skin­compatibility.

It's vegetal, natural and biodegradable, with the ECOCERT certification.

I admire this kind of vision and I like using these innovative products, result of science, innovation and rigor. I love knowing that skin problems are resolved without fear of the adverse effects, but always, and only, with certain solutions: the care for sensitive skin, the brightness of a lit, or reinvigorated, face, the deep but delicate cleansing, the extreme attention (hidden by the lightness of texture) at the biochemistry and physiology of the skin, our fundamental dress, which is more valuable in its function of defense and security and for this reasons it must be "honored" with brightness, turgidy, softness and health.

I extremely believe in this and I know the strictness of Kallèis's Laboratories when they create an efficient and pleaseant cream, result of naturalness and modern, meticulous science.
Nature, and false simplicity, because it hides specific studies and doesn't take advantage from chemical products with resonant names but without true worth,that worth that came from the past and from our roots, that uses, proud and confident, herbs extracts often forgotten but recovered and rediscovered in theirs active functions.

We want to dedicate this page to Dr. Emanuela Lenzi Veggetti, who prematurely left us.

The sadness and the pain of this loss was significant.
The human and professional relationship that bound us was really deep.
She married our choices and our philosophy, leaving us an important teaching: "to apply science with a conscience”.
We will always miss her.

Staff Kallèis