Kallèis formulations are safety, efficacy, quality and naturalness.

Kallèis formulas are developed after careful research that evaluate both the active-functional ingredients and the structure of the skin, and always ensure maximum effectiveness and very higher skin compatibility.

All formulas are rich in active ingredients always in “FUNCTIONAL” percentage and in the maximum amount allowed for cosmetic use. Each ingredient is concentrated in the optimal dose, continuously developed and scientifically validated in association with major University Research Institutes.

Active principles, functional and technical ingredients are formulated to “work in synergy” for the best results, they catalyze each other to reinforce their action and improve the efficacy.

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Our formulas ensure the maximum effectiveness of each ingredient, because "formulating well" it isn't so elementary. Many ingredients (vitamins, for example) are unstable and they easily deteriorate themselves, therefore they can lose their properties and effectiveness if they aren't properly formulated.

Our formulations are complete and allow to protect the ingredients optimizing their effectiveness both in the finished formulation that during the steps of application and absorption into the skin.

Our ingredients are included in the compositions to support the "work in synergy". They catalyze each other to "reinforce" and "complete" themselves.
It is a positive vicious circle that increase the effectiveness and the results of the process.

In our formulations even the technical ingredients are ACTIVE FUNCTIONAL INGREDIENTS.
Surfactants and emulsifiers are based on natural plant-derived lipoprotein (olive oil and vegetable protein).