Kallèis, about us

Kallèis is a family company founded in the 90s in the beautiful and productive region of the Italian North East, due to the passion for beauty and cosmetics of two entrepreneurs: Maria Carla Cattaneo, professional with remarkable skills in chemistry, and her husband Gianfranco Baldo, pure entrepreneur in different fields, supported by their team of smart and qualified chemists and cosmetologists. The original core business of the company, research and development of cosmetic active ingredients and raw materials, become complete in 2008 through the creation of the company’s own brand Kallèis, “naturale ricerca di benessere” , the summary of all the research and the patents created during 20 years of company’s history.

Kallèis comes from far away, from two words of Greek origin, “Kalos”-beauty + “Eleis”-olive, carrying from classical culture the beauty and wellness that derived from natural elements. Through this ancient Mediterranean heritage, proposes a 100% Made in Italy beauty concept.

Synthesis of all the image that Kallèis chosen: Kallèis iconic women, female beauty inspired by the purity without time, place, space. A real and not artificial beauty.

Francesco D’Isa, a young Florentine artist, created a charming masterpiece for each cosmetic line, and a fourth institutional master-woman wich can be seen as a visual symbol of the Kallèis values.

ECOCERT, introduce in 2003, is a very first body approved by the European to develop standards for “natural and organic cosmetics”, and guarantees to the users the highest standards in the controls. The organic certification is not only to the finished product: the strict rules of organic must be rigorously respected through the manufacturing process.